Students studying

The GCSE exams are a student’s first introduction into the world of academic assessment. They act as the stepping stone for students to proceed on to further study and are unquestionably the deciding factor when it comes to what A-Level subjects students will be offered. Here at Prime Tuitions we recognise the importance of these exams and place great emphasis on the need to achieve good grades at this level.

Prime Tuitions offers private 1:1 tuition for pupils studying for their GCSE examinations as well as small group sessions.

In addition to helping students to understand the specification requirements; we aim to develop their study skills and exam technique. We have assisted and succeeded in helping many pupils achieve their potential GSCE grades.

Here at Prime Tuitions we treasure the gift of learning and know that it truly is a gift that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. We want to nurture this gift and allow students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to apply when learning and studying new things. We believe that learning should be a positive experience and want to create an environment where our students can grow confidently. Our tutors offer students that much needed support and encouragement that can be hard to receive in a larger classroom environment. Our tutors will also endeavour to make sure students are confident and stress free before entering their exams and that they approach their exams in a calm and composed manner to achieve maximum results.

Currently we are able to arrange 1:1 or group tuition in the following GCSE subjects:

Our tutors will tailor the tuition to suit individual requirements.

  • GCSE retakes
  • Ongoing support for consolidating their class learning
  • Help with their homework and thereby improve understanding
  • General advice with study skills
  • Help set up a revision schedule
  • Local Service

For all GCSE exams to be conducted after January 2017 will be classified as per the new grading criteria.

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