Group tuitions

Group Tuition
Prime Tuitions is pleased to announce that we are now offering group tuition in selected subjects for GCSE and A-Level. Group Tuition provides an affordable means for quality tuition; students will benefit from the same high quality tuition of a one-to-one only at a more reduced rate. These classes will be offered weekly with two locations available in Bromley North and Orpington (Saturday-Bromley North; Sunday-Orpington).
Our group tuition classes are welcoming and encouraging. These classes are suitable for students who want add on lessons to prepare for their upcoming or exams or for those students who work better in small groups. Each session will have clear objectives and a focus, with students benefiting from our structured programme. Students will gain advantage from the support of other students in the group and it will also allow a platform by where students can share their ideas and thoughts. For some subjects, small group tuition can be very beneficial.
Tutors running these classes are all subject specialists with a genuine passion for their subject. All tutors conducting the group sessions have extensive experience in handling groups of learners effectively.
We ensure that, during our classes, each student gets one-to-one time with the tutor in every lesson. Each student will receive homework at the end of each student to consolidate the material covered; this will be reviewed on a weekly bases with effective feedback provided.
At Prime Tuitions we are passionate about education.

GCSE Group Tuition
At Prime Tuitions we recognise the importance of the GCSEs as the primary step in students’ education. Prime Tutorial offers small group tuition in maths, science and English.
They are focussed on Year 11 students and are generic to all examination boards.
Prime Tuitions may also be able to offer group tuition for other subjects/year groups if arranged by parents. Please contact to enquire.

A-Level Tuition
The ability to recall information and apply concepts in higher order thinking questions, is key in succeeding and excelling in A Level Physics; this ability also spreads to other subjects. As such, it is our tutors’ belief that physics cannot be learned through the rote memorizing of formula and drilling “ten-year-series” questions. Instead, physics must be “felt” and experienced in real action and day to day examples. Thus, lessons aim to help students see beyond the formula and truly understand the concepts.
Engaging and multimodal lessons to cater to different learning styles.
Concise notes that summarizes the key concepts required and commonly tested for each topic.
Carefully prepared questions and answers that deliver mastery of the concepts in the shortest time.
Emphasis on question answering techniques, especially for open-ended questions, based on exam board requirements.
Regular assessments and feedback to ensure retention of understanding and peak performance.

To make an enquiry or for more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.