Resitting your A-levels can be a daunting prospect and students don’t have to struggle to learn by themselves. Prime tuition offers A-Level revision classes for those who are resitting their AS/A-Level exams. From our experience, most schools don’t provide the extra push that most students need when revising to resit exams while learning new content.

This is where we come in. Prime Tuition aims to help and encourage students who are resitting their A-Level exams. We do this by providing structured classes and content, while providing a safe and motivating workspace for students to learn. Our expert tutors have an excellent understanding of the syllabus and AS/A -Level examinations. This gives them the know-how to help our students with their exams, and be able to guide them to achieve their goals.

Our revision courses run after school or on the weekends through the academic year, focusing on the areas where our students feel they need help. Often in small groups of 5-6 students, this provides an excellent advantage, as it promotes sharing ideas about the topic being covered and, in turn, helps in understanding the subject better. And as confidence can be an issue for anyone doing their A-Level resit exams, our tutors put time and effort into help develop students’ self-confidence and exam technique.

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