One cannot deny the great deal of pressure on young people sitting exams in recent years, and especially the pressure that comes with sitting your final exams of secondary school. Here at Prime Tuitions we fully understand this pressure and provide A-Level tutoring for you.

Group tuitions

We are here to offer that much needed support at this stressful time, in not only preparing students academically for their exams, but also preparing them mentally in helping to cope with the stress that sometimes lies in parallel. All of our experienced tutors are only too familiar with those butterflies, and can offer excellent support in how to tackle exam nerves, as well as those all important questions.

In recent years, the importance of attaining excellent A-Level qualifications has reached an all-time pinnacle. The competition for a place in a top UK University has a huge impact on the desire for exceptional grades. Finding the perfect tutor, with a University degree and experience in the subject they teach, is made easy for you with the help of Prime Tuitions.

Our team of A-Level tutors work exceptionally hard to ensure that students not only go into exams with the full extent of subject knowledge needed to succeed, but that they also have the confidence and skills needed to answer the set questions. Our tutors are also dedicated to helping students improve the study skills needed to take them further in their studies after A-Level.

What we can offer you: 

  • A highly qualified and experienced tutor-all tutors have a degree level qualification in their teaching subject. 
  • Tutors, who have lots experience teaching.
  • Individually tailored tuition to meet individual requirements.
  • All tutors are interviewed and have a valid DBS check.
  • We work closely with our tutors for constant feedback.


What type of tuition is available for AS/ A-Level?

Prime Tuitions offers private 1:1 tuition for pupils as well as small group tuition. Group tuition is offered at a lower rate depending on size of the group.


What subjects is tuition offered in?

Prime Tuitions aims to offer AS/A-level tuition in all subjects.

We offer tuition in the form of continuous support throughout the school year – working in line with what you are doing in school and helping with your understanding of content as well as advancing your knowledge. In the later part of the course we work to apply knowledge and understanding to answering exam questions and help to build those key skills required to succeed in the exam. One of the main concerns for A-Level exams especially, is the failure of students to answer the question correctly. At Prime Tuitions we place great emphasis and importance on developing key skills in this area.

Making Progress

Personal 1:1 tuition is known to be an effective tool in helping improve attainment grades and standards.