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About Us

Prime Tuitions was originally started by Dr Sada Joshi (aka Sada Joshi) a few years ago.   As with any business it started as a very small entity with just two students, it has gradually grown and at our last count we had 100+ students.

Not only has the student numbers increased, so too has the numbers of subjects.   Initially it was just  GCSE Maths and Physics.  Gradually we have built a reputation and are now able to provide a lot more subjects.  Check our Tutoring tab to see the breadth of subjects on offer.

Since, September 2018 we have increased our offer to include A Level Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics.   This offer is going to increase as we get a larger pool of tutors.


How It Works


Tutoring Options

Tuitions are popular in;

GCSE Tuitions

Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, English, French, Mathematics, Physics.

Enquire for any other subject.

A Level Tuition

Biology, Chemistry, Computing Economics,  Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics.

Enquire for other subjects.

One to One Sessions

Our 1:1 tuition offer for 1:1 sessions is limited.  Please call and enquire for availability and associated costs.

Group Tuitions

We primarily offer group tuitions to all GCSE Year 10 & Year 11 students.

Group tuitions are an economical and a fun way to learn.  Since you child will meet students from other schools they will form new friends.


All groups are formed on the basis of ability.  It is common for all Grammar students to be in one group.    


We are located in Orpington Town Centre.   Majority of our classes are held at;

St. Johns United Reformed Church, Lynwood Grove,

Orpington  BR6 0BG

Group Sessions:

Group sessions are offered daily.

Group 1 1615 - 1715  KS3

Group 2 1720 - 1820  Yr 10/11 & KS5

Group 3 1825 - 1925  Yr 10/11 & KS5

Group 5 1930 - 2030  KS4/KS5

Sat/Sun  0900 - 1700  Yr 11 only

Other schedules are possible and available call for details.


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

You can check our reccomendations on

Some of those have been reproduced below;

A great environment to learn and improve confidence . My daughter Devina is thoroughly enjoying Mr Sadda’s classes and loves his teaching style . Sushma Raval

Excellent tutoring . I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else as this is the best place for your kids to get all the extra help they need to reach their full potential. I would highly recommend Prime Tutorial if you want amazing results and total peace of mind knowing that your kids are taught by the most highly qualified and dedicated staff.

- Daniel K.

Level of Study

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We teach in predominantly in Orpington (Kent).  We have limited availability to teach at locations near by.

Tel: 0203 617 1117 / Email: