Who are we?

We are a well established tuition centre, we have been tutoring in one form or another for at least 20+ years.  However, we formally established as a full time tuition centre about 6 years ago.

There have been a repeated request to tutor online, so that we are able to deal with students who are further afield; especially for A Level Physics.  

Tuition for A Level physics will be an experienced tutor Dr Sadanand Joshi.

What we do?  How we do?

We are a STEM specialized tuition centre, we tutor students from Yr 10 to Year 13 in STEM related subjects.   

To start with we will be delivering a Year 13 A Level Physics tuition programme.  This will be a  28 lesson offering covering the entire A level Physics syllabus ‘A’ offering for all exam boards.


The timetable has been pre-prepared based on experience of 25+ years of teaching and tutoring A level Physics.

At the outset let me be very clear, this is a programme which will enable every learner to;

  1. Gain an appreciation of the subject.
  2. Improve their understanding of Physics
  3. Able to solve a range of questions, provided you do all the set home work.
  4. You will gain in case you attend the session with some basic revision or reading on the topic of the day.
  5. This is NOT meant to replace your classroom session, this is meant to SUPPORT and IMPROVE on your classroom learning.
WeekDate & TimeTopicHomework link
1Introduction/ Trial session / GCSE Gap
5Electricity, Internal resistance
6Electrical circuits, Kirchoffs Law
7Moments, Torques,
8Workdone, Dorce
9Materials, Hookes Law
10Stress-Strain, Youngs modulus
11Momentum and Impulse
12Wave Properties, Polaraisation, Difrraction
13Interference and Diffraction
14Stationary Waves Opend and Closed tubes
15Wave particle duality
16Thermal Physics, Specific heat, latent heat
17Gas Laws and Kinetic theory
18Circular motion
20Gravity Fields
21Electric Field and Electro magnetic fields
22Space Physics, Stars
24Fields continued
25Nuclear Physics
27Medical Physics
29Revision 1 / Long answers 6 marks


The tuition are priced at an economical price of £25.00 per session.

Fees will be taken in three equal instalments of £233.00 to be paid on 15 September, 2 January 2022 and 20 March 2022.

The sessions will be conducted in a virtual setting as a pre-designed timetable.  At the end of each session on-line homework will be set for completion.